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This is a good place to put pictures, thumbnails, drawings, clip art, etc...
Place a summary of the images here.

The Cabal of Photo-Memetic Exploration's motto: dickinyamouth, April 2005

PWNED Manager, April 2005


Pooparazzi attack me, April 2005

Sean likes MLP

My child's obsession, the vacuum cleaner


Self help for whiny jerks, 2004 punkle jones, mspaint, suck it

ph33r. December 2005

My ass in Jockeys, December 2005

PIXEL-BITCHSLAPping workstation, January 2006

"Memory Generators"... more like LASER-POWERED KILLING MACHINES, January 2006

Justin (of the Cabal of Photo-Memetic Exploration) and Animal Farm, January 2006

Guardians of the LAIR OF PIXEL-BITCHSLAPPING, January 2006

The somehow-appopriate 36th birthday POOPCAKE, January 2006

Punkle Jones of the Cabal of Photo-Memetic Exploration, January 2006

Grand Royal Gathering of the CPME, February 2006!

Much gaiety ensued....February 2006

The inimitable NSF